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Full gospel Christian Leadership Institute set up for the purpose of providing ministry training through the teachings ministry of Dr. Dennis M. Golphin and Dr. Van Gayton. We create an outlet for ministry gifts in the Body of Christ to mature. In essence, it allows Pastors to be Pastored! We encourage education without indoctrination.

We are dedicated to the development of the kingdom of God in every part of the world by the corporate manifestation of the Mystical and Institutional Church.  We define the Institutional church as the institutional, governmental rule of the Episcopal and Pastoral office clothed in the structural development of church edifices and church memberships.

The Mystical church is defined as the invisible element of the (body of Christ)  taking on the role of the supernatural, dynamic manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s power in gifts and fruit through men and women of God walking in the anointing and fellowship of the truth of God’s Word.  

Course offerings are available on our site.

Global Kingdom Governors Leadership Institute