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Living in Favor Global Network understands the importance of helping our brothers and sisters all over the world to know about God and His good works. We want people to be united in their faith of the Almighty Father and live their lives in accordance to His word. A lot of our fellowmen do not believe in Jesus Christ – in Christianity, have no respect for other people’s beliefs, and hold little to no value for human life. While this is indeed a sad thing to behold, those of us who do live by the word of our Father should never give up in our mission to create a better place for those created in His image. Let us all work together for the poor, for those who have no faith, for those who have lost it, and those struggling to regain it. Our organization seeks to provide aid to the church to effectively accomplish this goal.

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It is our duty to fulfill the divine mission given to us by our Father through sound biblical teachings carried out through various forms of media. We seek to publish biblical interpretations based on the living word of God – the Bible – making sure that our fellowmen are able to gain an in-depth understanding of what it means to live life as a devout Christian. Providing aid to our brothers and sisters working for the church and helping in the maximization of programs is part of how we aim to achieve this in today’s day and age. Training ministers to become leaders and role models ensures that a lot of people in the various communities around the globe are able to know about the Word of God and live by it for the rest of their lives.

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