presidentDennis Myles Golphin received his call in the ministry at an early age. His thirst for knowledge led him to explore more than surface information about the word of God. Knowing that this kind of knowledge needed cultivating, Dennis sought to gain experience and expertise in the areas of the ministry that interested him most. He studied Reformed, Evangelical, and Pentecostal disciplines that would advance him in kingdom building. Dennis has become a master of the art simplification of profound theological themes and concepts, and has been able to cross many ethnic backgrounds because of it.

Dr. Golphin has emerged as a leading Biblical expert and historian on Church History and Biblical culture. He travels globally preparing leaders and training students. Currently, he serves as establishmentarian and CEO of Living In Favor Global Network. Academic Dean for Metropolitan Christian University. He resides in Raleigh, NC and shares the ministry with his wife, Sharon L. Golphin.

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